• Tourists are often in search of activities, events, nature adventures, restaurants, hotels, and much more information.
  • To ease their search and make sure they enjoy their destination to the fullest, Triptale has a new platform doing all that and more.
  • Event calendar, interactive map, unique tours, sights and attractions details, practical information, push notifications, and so much more – a whole integrated solution, right at your fingertips.
  • Giving a stage to all the different happenings directly influences the success of local businesses and contributes to the overall success of your destination.

At Triptale, we want to celebrate your destination’s core identity, values, and way of life. We want tourists to experience your hospitality and culture in a manner that makes your communities flourish and your visitors delighted. We want to bring your natural treasures to life and make them as accessible and desirable as possible.

But what happens when each event and activity is advertised on a different platform?

To help navigate between all your attractions and happenings, we came up with a simple yet brilliant solution. Our devoted development team is here to help you simplify the search and bring many more visitors to your destination with as little effort as possible on your behalf.

Have a look at what we’ve created for Destination Bornholm.

When visiting a destination, some of the things that always come in handy is well-structured information, a map with attractions and restaurants close-by, and the destination’s must-do’s.

When speaking of a local community’s needs, the most primary component is prosperity: Financial security allows people to feel comfortable, fosters great relations, develops hobbies and charities that contribute to the well-being of the community, and takes care and improves their surroundings.

Triptale’s integrated solution offers you a website and a mobile app that takes care of both parts while promoting sustainable tourism – a path to a long and successful collaboration.

Our client, Destination Bornholm, is a wonderful example of what can happen when such a solution is applied:

To best facilitate your needs and meet your visitors’ needs, our website and app are slightly different in their functionalities.

Differences aside, both your website and your app will feature an interactive map, practical information, contact features, event calendar, a list of culinary establishments, accommodation possibilities, and more.

We would love to make sure all your wishes are fulfilled, so anything you’d like to modify is welcome.

Our website solution is the place for detailed and deep research

Get a full and detailed overview of everything and anything in your destination

Search for accommodation, transportation, and anything that requires booking

Filter and choose events and activities based on interest, date, location, and more

Find culinary and shopping experiences, natural and historic sights, and more

Allow businesses and events' profiles for easy administration - both on the website and app in one go

Promote higher exposure and engagement with off-the-track special places

Outbound links support more online traffic to local businesses' websites

Extend your tourism season and support local prosperity

Our app is an on-the-spot reliable solution for anything on the go

Locates the user and offers items based on physical proximity

Search and filter current events and happenings close by

Create themed tours and routes on an interactive map

Add audio guides in different languages

Save favorites on an interactive map and create individual tours and plans

All content available also offline!

Send push notifications immediately or plan ahead

Provide reliable and necessary information

Allow sharing favorites, pictures, and videos with other app users

Integrate with other systems and your social media accounts

Trusted communication channel for reviews and feedback

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management