84% of business travelers indicated they would welcome the ability to select their own room. And given the popularity of selecting your own seat at the movies, airplane and concerts it’s hardly a surprise that added control is in high demand. That’s why Hilton has decided to make this the focus of their new service innovation, trying to stay ahead of the competition. 

Mobile App is perfect for service innovation

The mobile app is the perfect tool for such product innovation in the service industry, and this is also what Hilton is using to roll out the new service.

Guests who are a part of the frequent guest programme can use the Honors app to select their room on the day of their arrival.


Apps are good for loyalty 

Where mobile web is a good tool for awareness, mobil apps, with their increased speed, memory and personalization, are perfect for doing more for your existing customers.

Whether you want to
– Up-sell minibar, restaurant and services to guests;
– Service better during the stay (to increase return visits);
– Spread the word about your company (generate trusted awareness through social sharing)

A mobile app can help you do that through useful features for frequent guests and select visitors. This app is another good example of this. 

Want to build an app to make more business from your existing clientele? We can help!

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management