In nowadays technological society, internet security is increasingly an issue to consider, especially when creating a specialized app for your business. App users are likely to enclose sensitive information, such as credit card details, passport details, and other specifications, which makes your app security an absolute essential.

Adding a login function to your app allows your users to feed their information safely and prevents unauthorized users from taking advantage of sensitive information. This is made even easier with a one-time registration and approval process. Most apps offer their users direct access to their content without a user and password login upon creating an account. At Triptale, we prioritize your customers’ security. Therefore, we offer a security function that will ask the users to log in to the app every time they wish to use its content. By offering that, it is completely up to you how secure your app and service should be.

When creating an account, the administrator will receive a request for an account creation through e-mail. Each request will be checked and either accepted or rejected, depending on your criteria. Once the user account is approved, the user will be able to see the app content as, and when, they wish to. The administrator will always have the possibility to deactivate a user account in case such an action is necessary.

Triptale’s security function offers the following advantages:

Choose roles for your team members and collaboration partners. For example: Platform Owner, Manager, User.

Unauthorized users’ access to your content is limited thanks to advanced firewall protection.

Available SSL certification to an encrypted and safe service connection.

We protect your platform and your data from possible weak points and external attacks. We frequently update our security protocols so you are protected with the most advanced tools and processes.

We use an open protocol for user authentication to allow secure access to the platform.

Our talented team has plenty of experience, a sharp eye for details, and a love for challenges. We focus on excellent user experience that serves specialized goals for each business. Ready to take the next step for your business? We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management