Venues are a complex business to run – many details to pay attention to and many moving elements to consider, making it an operation in need of a wide and constant overview.

At Triptale we have developed a cloud-based IT system with features covering all the information needed for a smooth run of your venue. With a specially designed app to your needs, you can offer your guests an app that focuses on their needs and wishes before, during, and after their time with you.

We have built such apps for many music and leisure venues with great outcomes and satisfaction. Contact us today for a non-binding talk to hear more of what we can do for you.

A modern lifestyle is a busy lifestyle: We work hard, we play hard. As much as we want to be spontaneous, sometimes planning ahead allows us to pack more in our daily lives.

An app based on Triptale’s platform gives your app users an option for a full and round overview of all future events in your venue so they can easily plan their next visit. In addition, the app allows finding and following your users’ most desired events and artists, based on their preferences and likes.

Not only does this feature make your customer service and marketing more personalized and efficient – it makes your brand a top-of-mind name when it comes to the best venue in town.

A data-driven mobile app

Let your guests discover the value you can bring into their lives with a user-friendly app from Triptale. Make your venue’s possibilities and gems much more attractive and accessible to your guests in just a few simple steps. Wondering what kind of benefits we have in mind for you?

  • Your guests can easily see your event calendar and filter it according to dates and categories.


  • Enrich your guests’ experience with extra information about the artist they are about to see – biography, video clips, photo galleries, and more.


  • Spread the joy – your app users can save their favorite shows and share it with their friends and social media followers. With such an easy option to share, you can only expect more hype and more engagement.


  • Keep your spot as a Top-of-Mind brand with our easy to operate push notifications feature – send your app users reminders and updates so they do not miss a thing.

With an app from Triptale, you can follow your guests through their customer journey.

Our push notifications software allows you to personalize your customer service and marketing efforts so you can send the right message to the individual guest. Your app users will receive news about new shows and events, new videos, artist information, new event tickets, announcements, and so much – all according to your wishes and your users’ preferences.

Most used features by our venue clients

Detailed event calendar.

Artist profile.

Sell tickets and merchandise.

Send push notifications.

Updates about news, videos, highlights and more.

Integration with your social media accounts, website, and other essential systems.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management